Background to UniBusiness - then and now

As a social scientist Rosemary Hooke, Principal and founder of UniBusiness Consulting spent much of the past two decades creating collaborative tertiary educational opportunities - mostly in science, engineering and environment - in partnership with Australian universities, industry and governments.

Through the then UniBusiness Program, industry sponsors, academics and high-performing thesis students could pilot new technologies, solve old process or logistic problems or just 'fly a kite' in a real-world context. Projects ranged from one to three years, and were scoped, project-managed and mentored by UniBusiness working closely with university and industry supervisors.


After delivering 100+ such collaborative projects, UniBusiness now contributes to system-wide innovation through a range of one-off Consulting Projects. Since sustainable innovation needs to be underpinned by consistent waves of highly specialised professionals, UniBusiness has conducted national assessments of industry capacity development processes and destination analyses of emerging academic researcher and industry manager cohorts.

UniBusiness is now well placed to continue working as a third-party in the Research Consortium field generally and specifically with Cooperative Research Centres, assisting groups or individuals at any stage of the research cycle, collectively or individually. We welcome any such discussions.

Recent Consulting Projects / Publications

Major Project reports delivered by UniBusiness to Government or Research Consortia from 2013 onwards are available on request - for example:

"Water Industry Capacity Development University Project" (Australian Water Association, for Australian government [DIICCSRTE], May 2013. R. Hooke, Project Manager / Report Author); "Evaluation of the Bionic Vision Australia (BVA) Consortium's contribution to medical bionics capacity development 2010-2014" (Review conducted by R. Hooke, UniBusiness Consulting, 2015, for BVA and Australian Research Council); "The contribution of AutoCRC/Excellerate Australia to professional skills in the Automotive/Transport industries between 2007-2017" (Project conducted by R. Hooke, UniBusiness Consulting, 2017, for Excellerate Australia CRC)

UniBusiness also continues to scope and manage smaller research / problem-solving Projects for industry, linking you with specialised researchers in universities.

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